Mongolia: All posts

December 2013: We have updated all posts from Mongolia 2013 with new photo galleries: images in a higher resolution than we could upload on the go, as well as additional images. Find the galleries at the bottom of the original posts.

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All posts in chronological order from the preparations before we left, to the journey itself from June 8th until August 2:

Before departure

About the journey
Expedition from Hafslo to Ulaanbaatar
Getting ready – leaving soon

The journey starts
On the road!
Eating miles through Europe
Hungary and Bulgaria
Arrived in Istanbul
From Istanbul to the Black Sea
From the Black Sea to Cankiri
Cankiri to Erzincan
We are in Iran!
Bazargan to Zanjan
Zanjan to Teheran
Tourists in Teheran
On the road again!
Never a boring day! (The HILDEFENDER struggling with electronics)
Crossing the border to Turkmenistan
From Mary in Turkmenistan to Uzbekistan and Samarkand!
Tourists in Samarkand
Tajikistan and Dushanbe
Towards Pamir
Pamir Highway
Pamir to Kyrgyzstan
A day off in Osh
Just a simple road through Kyrgyzstan
Wonderful morning in the camp
From Ysyk-Köl to Kazahkstan and Almaty
From Almaty further north in Kazakhstan
A long day of driving in Kazakhstan
A quiet day in Ust-Kamenogorsk
Good bye Kazakhstan! Hello Russia!
From Barnaul to somewhere on the road to Mongolia
Will we get to Mongolia today?
We are in Mongolia!
Camping in no man’s land
Naadam in Khovd!
Exploring Mongolia
The Mongol Rally garage
Into the Gobi desert (cold, wet and no sand!)
Flash flood and rock engravings
The Gobi Desert
Tarmac! No, wait. Mud!
Reunion in Ulaanbaatar
Waving goodbye to Astrid and Olav
Dream Adventure – ger camp outside Ulaanbaatar
Land Rover dealership in Ulaanbaatar
Amarbayasgalant Khiid (Buddhist temple)
Is this the end?
Working day
Back to “Plan A”
The weekend as tourists
And back again