Zanjan to Teheran

[Day 11]
Hijab Hilde driving towards Teheran

In the intersection outside the hotel in Zanjan, cars were driving both ways in the same lanes

Hotel Park worked very well for us, with okey rooms, internet and a secure car park behind this gate

Driving through Zanjan

Along the motorway towards Teheran

Today’s Landies

(Atle and Tim are checking what is wrong with the rear drive shaft. Atle’s comment afterwards: “If I only had brought one I would have given it to him”)

And another car: the Iranian pickup Bardo – one of the most popular cars in Iran, judging by the numbers we saw

Entering Teheran

We have reached our destination! Visiting the Norwegian Embassy in Teheran, and we were extremely well received. Thank you, for your hospitality and all your help and assistance!

Posing together with the Norwegian ambassador, Jens-Petter Kjemprud

From the embassy we had a guide showing us the way to Shohre apartment house

– with HUGE rooms

We had arranged to go out for dinner, but because Iran won the football match against Korea, everyone were out on the street celebrating in their cars, making it difficult to get around. Instead we had a walk, looking at the celebration while waiting to have a beautiful meal of lamb/chicken kebab being brought to our apartments

To all of those who worry about us being in Iran and in Teheran, we are very well received, have met only kind and helpful people, and we absolutely love being here!



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