Tourists in Teheran

[Day 12]
Today we have been doing proper tourist things in Teheran

We are still waiting for our visas for Turkmenistan, hoping they will be issued tomorrow or Friday. After a slow start in the morning we spent the afternoon as tourists in Teheran. Glad to be in a taxi for once, in this interesting trafic

Beautiful houses with mosaic, or nicely painted pictures

Visited the Golestan Palace

(More about the Golestan Palace on Wikipedia)

We were not allowed to take photos in the main building, decorated with mirrors, but also the outside was beautiful, decorated with mosaics

We were allowed to take photos in one of the smaller buildings

We had to visit the huge bazaar, of course, but only got to see a small part of it

Veiled women in the bazaar made an impression on us, trying to keep our hijabs from falling down

Leaving the bazaar we entered the courtyard of Imam Khomeini Mosque

(Read more about the mosque in Lonly Planet

Today’s Landies (we saw a couple of others as well, but they disappeared in traffic too quickly to be photographed)

Dinner up in the mountains north of the city, on the top of a steep hill with chaotic trafic. Food was nice, payed with a huge pile of rials

Crowded trafic. And and our taxi driver (although we didn’t know at the time we took the photo!), who did a good job when we almost got stuck when meeting a big lorry

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