Defender110, 2004 – Our expedition car

(examples Mongolia 2013; Touring Europe 2017)

Landrover 110
(here featuring as “russebil“)

(update 2015: this car has found a new home) The mercedes 230 SL (and Atle) a long time ago

and more recently

Redone by Silchester Garage in England

The old Reo Volverine 1927, belonged to Atle’s grandfather.

Photo from 2004, with Atle’s mother and father

Original receipt

Another old car from Atle’s family: the SCAT

The picture shows Atle’s grandfather, Martin Gandrudbakken, in his 1919 (?) SCAT.

Atle has started collecting parts for a SCAT, and by now he’s got a wheel nut, a SCAT front badge, an oil filling cap, a defect engine, and various other “valuable” parts.

Land Rover 109 – Atles “Russebil”