Working day

[Day 48]
A lonely HILDEFENDER outside Chinggis Khaan Hotel

Even though our car were doing fine all the way back to UB it still had to get a new diff, and we took out most of our luggage before sending it to the LR garage (the fuel pump problem from yesterday is still solved). Tim and Isabel’s car was sent on a rescue car directly to the LR garage. The only thing we know at the moment is that it looks better than expected for both cars – they will keep working on the cars tomorrow

(the broken diff)

The musicians were playing at a wedding at the hotel on their horse-headed instruments (making horse sounds), and we had to sneak behind them to get to the lunch restaurant

This was the only pictures we took today, as Atle spent all day in the LR garage, and Hilde spent all day working (research interviews) in UB