A day off in Osh

[Day 22]
Morning at the balcony in Osh

(in a hotel that we don’t know the name of because it is only written in Kyrgyz letters..)

We are 1,5 days ahead of schedule, and had a late breakfast. After breakfast, we had to clean up the mess after a couple of exploded bottles and cans in the fridge (50-50 beer and coke) that had not survived the combination of high altitude and heavy bumping on the Pamir Highway

The only plan we had for the day was to visit the Bazaar, looking for a new aerial for Tim and Isabel’s car. Had a wonderful lunch (the first proper lunch on the trip!), a dish they called “traditional lamb”

Back at the hotel it was time to fix a number of small things on the cars. They seem to live their own life. On the bumpy road over Pamir we have experienced that things stoped working or even started working after having been “broken” for several years! We believe that confirms that these cars have a soul

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