Wonderful morning in the camp

[Day 24]
Booted Eagle (we think) visited our camp this
UPDATE: Expertise has helped to identify this as an Egyptian Vulture

Had a great morning in the camp at the river

(And Atle stayed away from the river when leaving the camp site)

The eagle (that turned out to be an Egyptian Vulture) was circling above our heads for a long time

Once again we were climbing

Children waving to us in every small village, people working on their fields and yurt camps

And then, suddenly we had the most maginificent view we have seen on the entire journey

We had our first proper lunch break on the journey

Continuing through Kyrgyzstan

We aimed for the large lake Ysyk-Köl for the evening – one of the biggest alpin lakes in the world. Millions of small flies made us evacuate the camp early

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