Camping in no man’s land

[Day 33]
Camping on top of a hill and we saw no one as long as we stayed there

Stayed in the camp most of the day. Got our bath tent out, Atle and Tim working on the cars (general service), everything out of the cars, Isabel hidden underneath the mosquito hat, Atle hidden underneath the car, and once in a while a car passed on the road in the valley below

Continuing towards Khovd, trying to choose the right road…

Not far from Khovd we met a Naadam race for children

Coming in to Khovd we were desinfected again. All the gers are indicating that the Naadam is going on there

Found a nice (enough) hotel, and a restaurant nearby with wonderful food! Met an American man who’d lived here for two years, and a couple of French and Danish people also travelling.

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