Amarbayasgalant Khiid (Buddhist temple)

[Day 46]
Touristy day! Relaxing morning and a visit to a Buddhist temple

Warm and nice weather, in the middle of the kingdom of insects and so many bees around the cars that we had to move breakfast away

Millions of butterflies gathered in the mud as we went through the green landscape


Back on the main road, on our way to find the Buddhist temple

And off the main road again, on a bumpy and muddy road. Tim made a wrong choice and got stuck. Not a problem, but we had other tourists looking and even helping!

Never a dull moment on bumpy roads

Soon we were at the temple, Amarbayasgalant Khiid

We bought warm horschr (?) outside and had a picnic before we turned back home (that is: towards UB – will be back there tomorrow for work (Hilde) and touristy things (all)..)

Again we found a beautiful camp, up on a hill, with something looking like Stone Henge

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