The Gobi Desert

[Day 39]
Sand bashing in the Gobi desert

Woke up at the most distant quiet and lonely place on earth this morning! We had done almost 26 km off road to find the rock engravings where we camped, but going back we found a proper road, and despite having to cross a number of deep ditches we used half the time getting back to the main road

Going back to the main road we saw far more ger camps than we had last night

The road we found led us to the road from yesterday and the place where we had crossed the flooded river. No signs of water today, apart from the mud

Water had made the road starting to collapse at the second river crossing from yesterday.
It seems they have trolls here as well!

Followed a long gorge to the other side of the mountains

On the other side was sand! We decided to stop for lunch, and a couple on a motorbike came to join us. Tim and Isabel served them bread with marmite (yeast extract). They were too polite to say, but definitely didn’t like marmite. We saved them by giving them bread with jam. Small green plants had started to grow after the rain. Found the head of a dog/wolf (we decided to call it a wolf)

Tracks are still wet here and there after the rain. Short stop to wonder why the engine was getting hot. One of the fans didn’t work (fixed).

And then we hit the sand dunes! Time for having fun! Like sand bashing and getting stuck. One time each (and now we have sand EVERYWHERE)

Green after the rain lately. Drove through Sevrei – they have windmills (did not look like they worked) – before we found a camp a couple of kilometers outside. Speed hasn’t been high today, but we’ve managed about 250 km today

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