The Khongor Sand Dunes

[Day 40]
Khongor Sand Dunes (the “singing dunes”) are the largest sand dunes in Mongolia, 800 m high, 20km wide, 100km long

Not far from the sand dunes we had to share our camp with the goats

Closer to the sand dunes we saw gazelles again

Our route took us through the sand dunes! The river bed had been flooded after a heavy rain last night (and heavy wind that woke us up last night and we were amazed that the tents were still standing!)

More and more muddy, until Tim got stuck. Helped him back up and he managed by taking another route through the mud

Atle going over first to check the conditions

Reducing pressure to deal with the sand. We stumbled upon a camp for tourists near the Khongor sand dunes (they have a camel-reindeer). Asked for lunch, but we were too early, so continued on into the utterly flat landscape

More and more gers and traffic as we got closer to the civilization. Roads still wet some places.
Bounty bought in Siberia, Russia, eaten in Gobi, Mongolia

Through Bandalai

Through another small village before we got to Dalanzadgad where we wanted to stay this night.

Tarmac! First time since… can’t remember. And street lights! Found our hotel!

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