Flash flood and rock engravings

[Day 38]
Flash flood made the rivers big today!

Had a nice camp in the Gobi. Found an old handmade scissor. And off again, after a slow morning to let the “machine washed” clothes dry (the washing machine is a bucket on the roof standing there all day: one day for the washing, one day for rinsing)

Approaching Bayangovi, the road was washed away. Got diesel there, and looked around in some of the village shops and found potatoes!

Heavy rain in the distance as we came towards Bayanlig. Lot of activity in the village, but none of the banks wanted to change our dollars into local money (even after queuing for 25 minutes)

Continuing towards Sevri, splashing in the puddles, we did not know that we were about to approach a river we needed to pass that was more than 50 meters wide!

We came to the river with the flash flood, and took some time to explore the area, not sure how deep it would be. Luckily, a local car came and demonstrated that it was not too deep! So then we just had to go!
In the second crossing of the river we had to help Tim & Isabel out because they had problems with low range

Looking for rock engravings and petroglyphs, we first arrived here, based on the paper map. Nothing there, so we moved onto coordinates from Lonely Planet. They brought us a long way and we found a ger and a man and a woman who then followed us on a motorbike

We found the rock engravings, far away from the road and everything else

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