Into the Gobi desert (cold, wet and no sand!)

[Day 37]
The big splash of today

We found this nice camp in between two small hills, but we didn’t realize that we’d parked in the middle of a road. Not much traffic, but the car coming this morning was as surprised as we were. Our car has a nice pattern of mud after first being washed and then going through the rain yesterday. Atle demonstrates how to use the skull he found yesterday

Not in a hurry today! Watching birds, camels, and others who were not in a hurry (two men hiding behind the motorbike)

Came to the small village of Bayantsagan and it seemed like a Naadam celebration had just finished

Leaving Bayantsagan again, it was almost rush hour (in the Gobi, that means 1-2 cars in front of you). The local car showed us the way through a field of deep mud, then left us behind

Last village we came to today was Shinejinst

We had been high up, and as we moved further down and into Gobi, we were surprised how much water had gathered in the track. At one point it looked like the world below the plateau we were driving on had disappeared

However, water is never a challenge for a proud HILDEFENDER!

Ouch! We had it washed yesterday!

Gobi was colder, less sand and more water than we thought. But at least we did not have either rain or storm this evening, but a clear sky with stars and a moon going down over the Gobi

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