Towards Pamir

[Day 19]
Since we had expected using all morning to get the GBAO permit (which we already got last night) we had a late start.

Going out of the city we stopped to stock up on drinking water and coke, in small shops along the road. Not a problem with fuel here, with plenty of fuel stations and even people selling along the road. We even drove through the small village of Boston today!

We are heading towards Pamir and the Pamir Highway, which will take us high up in the mountain ridge on the border towards Afganistan, and soon we were climbing again

The temperature was close to 42 and we were climbing even more. While some have problems coming down, climbing in such extreme heat forced us to take it slow

Getting close to the border to Afganistan and a military zone, we went through several check points. At the second check point they seemed to expect us, and it felt a bit reassuring that someone keep an eye out for us

We saw less and less people and villages, and more stunning mountains, border guards, and a bridge crossing to Afganistan

We saw dragons and trolls!

And people

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