Waving goodbye to Astrid and Olav

[Day 43]
Lunch with Astrid and Olav, before they headed towards Russia and we to a ger outside UB

We have missed Astrid and Olav all the way from Istanbul, so we were so happy that we made it to Ulaanbaatar at the same time, meeting up at Gjengis Khan Hotel, before we hit the road – that is: Traffic Jam

With the extremely slow-going traffic we had plenty of time to look at UB on the way. Outside the city they even have a ski resort

Towards the ger we had booked for the weekend (arriving one day late because of the car trouble yesterday)

We went to Terelj national park, where we were met and followed to the camp

Jeanett Melboe and Puujee Sodom gave us a warm welcome to their ger camp Dream Adventure – with their newborn son. Beautiful ger and great meal together with a French group doing voluntary work in UB for the summer

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