Hungary and Bulgaria

[Day 4]
Started in Hungary at Hotel Novotel, drove through Serbia and ended up in Bulgaria

A horrible rain and thunderstorm followed us all the way through Bulgaria. Entering Sofia, one of the cars had a 2 x 180 degrees in the middle of the city, on slippery wet cobble stones in Sofia.
Decided to stop not too late, and found two hotels listed on Google maps near by where we wanted to stop. However, none of them existed. On the way back to the main road we found a third hotel that did exist – at least partly, and mostly as a former exclusive hotel. Very friendly, extremely expensive (twice the price for the 4 star hotel in Hungary), all the rest worth one star. (We named it Hotel California)

Driving through Szeged, Hungary

Into Serbia

Coffee break in Serbia

Entering Bulgaria


Horrible thunderstorm followed us all afternoon

After searching for two hotels that did not exist, it was late and dark before we found “Hotel California”