Expedition from Hafslo to Ulaanbaatar

I guess it is true then! We are going to Mongolia! Driving to Ulaanbaatar! In this:

We will be 6 people in three cars, from Norway and Great Britain, all good friends. The aim of the expedition is to visit Mongolia, but in our own cars, so we are actually driving all the way. That makes something like 15-16.000 Km going there, and a fair bit going back. The route will follow parts of the old Silk Route, going through Europe to Turkey, and from there, we will be driving through Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Mongolia.

For the return we have two options: driving back home through Russia, or continue to Hong Kong and ship the cars home from there. It is bit of a challenge to get all papers etc. for China ready and confirmed before we are there, so we probably won’t know before we leave whether we will celebrate the end of the expedition in St. Petersburg or Hong Kong.

More or less our route

This is where we are going: Mongolia, photo taken when we returned from China two years ago.

Group meeting in London 2011 with piles of travel books and maps (yes, I said we have been planning this for a long time!)

Tim, Atle, Hilde, Astrid, Isabel (Olav was not there)

So if you see a HILDEFENDER on the road, then you know who we are and where we are going! (assuming the car is ready in time though.. more about that later)

Our travel document is available in English, Russian and Iranian so far.

Tim and Isabel also have a website you can visit here