North and west in Romania

From Comanesti north to the Ukraine border, then south and west, leaving Romania where we started two weeks ago
Leaving Camping La Gradina we had less dramatic days with lots of beautiful views and sceneries
Horse and chart is a common way of travelling in the rural areas
Finding campsites wasn’t the easiest thing in Romania, and here we aimed for a Camp that turned out to be a youth camp, not a campsite. Here we met Cornelius, who invited us to stay
The happy visitors to the youth camp
Photo by Isabel
Close to Moldova, and crossing the river Moldova
Lorries with beehives along the road
The absolute heaven for chanterelles, and finally found good quality
Camping Pastravul in Sapanta, on the border to Ukraine
Restaurant on campsite, so eating out
The Merry Graveyard in Sapanta
On the road again, heading south west
Still on smaller roads, varied standard
Again difficult to find a campsite, had aimed for one in Cluj-Napoca, but it was closed. Hit the motorway and found the most beautiful and friendly campsite De Oude Walnoot ❤️
Landy and Fridtjof
On the road our last day in Romania
Our last destination, a vineyard, absolutely worth the visit,
Long and slow queue to Hungary
Today we aimed for a campsite we had visited before, Camping Motel Mako