Extreme warnings and a breakdown

A Land Rover adventure has a good mix of exploring, beautiful views, and more extreme experiences!
Early evening all four phones beeped with an alarm about extreme weather
And it certainly felt extreme, a thunder and hail storm! Luckily Hercules can easily fit 4 people and 2 dogs for a cozy evening
Not much later, a new extreme emergency alert: a bear observed near us
Leaving Heaven Camping after two nights. Great campsite! https://heavencampingbran.com/
The bear was observed here
A farmer bringing his wife and sheep somewhere
Got us a new garlic crusher – in Bran and near Dracula’s castle, this might come in handy
A grey day and slow traffic, some due to the extreme weather taking down big trees along the road
The kind of roads we are looking for
Camping at Covasna, in a protected and guarded campsite
Typical evening in our camp
And typical morning with Atle fixing something
On and off tarmac and gravel
Happy dogs
Big loggers going our way
Old oil pumps
Landed at Camping La Gradina, an extremely dog friendly place! Fridtjof and Landy got three new friends (and a cat to chase)
Next day, stopped by police! Road closed because of car race
Did a detour to Slanic Moldova
Back on route and the car race
Back on gravel
Darmanesti, with 1300 graves from soldiers from both great wars
There we were, on the top of the Ghimes pass
There we still were some hours later. Broken pipe from the diesel pump to the injector
Next morning, still there
Rescued! (we recommend signing up to your rescue company!)
Took us back to Camp La Gradina
Not long after, Adam and a friend came to the campsite with the spare parts we missed. Love our Land Rover family! ❤️
Dogs so happy to be back (actually, Fridtjof was staying with Tim and Isabel when we were stuck)
A guest under our awning
A very dark evening before the rain set in.

Thank you to all the people supporting us the last couple of days! From the honey selling woman and our spare guard dog with only three legs, to the rescue car and not the least, our Land rover friends that helped us by contacting someone contacting someone else and so on, to find the spare part we needed. And then Adam and his friend drove for hours to deliver the part. We are so grateful!

We are also so grateful for the Camping La Gradina. The hosts made us feel like their guests rather than campsite visitors. And not only us, but also our dogs! https://www.camping-lagradina.com/