Another breakdown and flooding in Slovenia and Austria

The Beast stuck at a garage and massive flooding gave some challenges the last days
A warm morning at Camping Motel Makó as we planned to go to Slovenia
Fridtjof found his new best friends there
The Beast needed service on shock absorbers, so started the day at a Land Rover garage, the Roverland Kft
Landy and Fridtjof loved waiting at the garage, because they had free access to a swimming pool (pond)
Back on the road it didn’t take long before The Beast had another problem, this time more serious
Best of luck that we already knew a LR garage nearby! And even more that David at Roverland was willing to work on it Friday evening
So more waiting at the pond
Hercules had to go back alone to the campsite in Makó
A site decorated by someone very creative
During afternoon and night we had the rainstorm plaguing Hungary and nearby countries
David at Roverland Kft continued working on The Beast through Saturday – and managed to find a solution! So Sunday we were back on the road, again thanks to Land Rover entusiasts that don’t give up!
Still a bit grey weather
Stopped by police – immigration, they claimed, but we were only passing through
Finally in Slovenia
Weather improved, but still struggling with flooding many places
Autokemp Kekec in Maribor
Next day travelling through Slovenia to Austria was very challenging due to flood closing many roads. Difficult to find info, and had to turn around and find new route several times
Had to make detours on small mountain roads, which is what we like!
Rivers were big and brown
Found a place at Europark in Obervellach in Austria, an overfilled campsite, but very dog friendly
And great views on our morning walk
Next goal: mountain passes between Austria and Italy