The Ice

No, this is not white sand, but snow and ice! (and an optimistic neighbour)

April 19: heavy rain on top of the snowy ice made the ice appear to “sink”

May 1: the ice turned solid and white again – looks like it will never go..

May 11: finally, the ices seems to become weaker

May 17: the Norwegian Constitution Day and National Day of Norway. A local myth says that if the ice is still there, it will sink on the night of the 17th of May. Busted!

May 18: getting closer

We even had a swimming guest (and Ulf of course!)

Birds are also waiting for the ice to go

One of the nice things with open water is that it reflects ligts at night

May 19: At first it seems like the ice is almost gone – only a little on the far side. But then it started moving – and finally disintegrating!

Finally, it’s summer!

I think the “official date” for the ice to go was May 20, about two months later than in 2012!