June 07

Spring may be coming late to Hafslo, but when it finally comes, it is beautiful.

The fruit trees look promising.



Update: This is how it looked August 3rd:

Snow is gone and the boats back on the lake.

Jill and Scott’s fantastic wedding in Bergen.

“My owner went to Sweden and all i got was this lousy teddy bear”

We visited Skogadalsbøen in the last part of June, and still there were so much snow that we decided to use snowshoes and a sleigh.

The trip was easier than expected, and finally there, everything was like normal.

We are not going to hunt around Skogadalsbøen any longer, so Atle cleared out our things from the hunting hut.

We had our own bonfire for lunch.

And Kjell made a big one for the celebration of midsummer night

Atle’s parents visiting us in last part of June

And Flower-Fenris wondering why there is no food service on the floor.

We were invited to salmon fishing in end of June, in Gloppen.

Fun, wonderful weather, nice people …

… but no fish. And this fish that someone had left there is the only possible evidence we have that there are fish in this river…