The view from Hestnes

Even though the view from our house is the same all year around, it changes a lot with weather, light, and seasons, here from August to November 2007 (and there: winter 2006).

01. August

August 13 we had a sudden storm. This is at 15.57, a few minutes after it started from blue sky:

One minute later, 15.58:

And yet another minute, 15.59:

Two minutes later, 16.01 – the most extreme rain I have ever seen in this area, before it disappeared a few minutes later, leaving a blue sky again.

28. August

31. August

31. August

11. September

18. September – and already snow in the mountains

27. September – autumn is definitely here, not only with beautiful colours…

but also with the first night with freezing temperature

28. September

6. October

8. October

23. October

7. November and lots of snow

Playing in the snow…

10. November

12. November

20. November