Hunting 2007

This year’s hunting period in Norway ended yesterday.

Our hunting team of 6 have been hunting at Veitastrond this year, from Langedalen to Snauedalen and Svardalen.

We started with nice weather on the 10th of September

As optimists …

.. and with plenty of time to just look and figure out how and where to get the deer..

But, the rest of the hunting period was a bit special this year, with Atle on sick leave and unable to walk too much. But we were there! And luckily we could drive far into the hunting area

This IS a road, but it hadn’t been used much this summer – and these trees grow really fast!

Don’t try this with a normal car!

Thanks to the nice roads, we could put Atle out in the field

Winter starts early in this area, here 22. September and already snow in the mountains

September 29.

Langedalen October 10.

This is the post where Hilde did not shoot at least one deer. It was the perfect place to wait for the deer to cross the river at dusk, and so she did, and they came: three nice animals, strolling in front of her. And she aimed and shot .. but nothing happened.. Rifle decided not to work at the time… (she’s still swearing about that incident)

It was the Deer God’s revenge for the deer that had to leave this world after meeting our Defender the week before, we figured

However, Bengt shot one of them a few weeks later

October 12 – and winter

.. and cold.. and a good excuse for making a fire

Still not far away from the car..

Yesterday was the last day of this hunting season. And a lot of snow!

Did I mention that there was a lot of snow?

No, we didn’t see anything, and it was really hard to walk in the deep snow, so we didn’t get very far. But the dogs had a nice walk

And luckily we still have some meat from last year’s hunt …

… and a nice trophy from this years hunt in England.

And the season in England is still not over, and we’ve got one more week to go there this year.