#HerculesTouringEurope2022: Escape to Spain

Escaping the heatwave to Spain and into the foothills of the Pyrenees

When the heatwave got closer, we did a quick escape to Spain, and the very next day there was a record 47 degrees where we had been! Lucky us, we found cooler air high up in a mountain range in Spain. The road didn’t exist on the maps we had, but luckily, we found a way down again after 3 hours of fantastic driving – at the top of a ski lift, asking a police patrol for advice on how to get back down. They were utterly confused since we came from “nowhere” 😀

Not so uncommon that something has to be fixed during lunch break
Through an old and tiny city (challenging for Hercules!)
Literally driving on the top of the mountain range
A loooong drive on top of the mountains
Until we came to the top of a ski lift
Camping at the foot of the mountains – a bit tired campsite
On to new brilliant views in Spain
Stumbled over a Michelin recommended restaurant with fantastic seafood (squid and lobster)
New day and another fantastic drive in the Spanish mountains
Over mountains and through a gorge
A double stopover at a campsite on the beach (always something that needs fixing)
Speeding out of Spain with the heatwave on our heals
Towards the foothills of the Pyrenees
Ouch – had to stay four days at one campsite waiting for a new part for the servo steering – but luckily a beautiful site, a river 5 meters away for dogs and others to swim in
Campsite next to the beautiful town of Ochagavia