Mini holiday #4 in Norway

Fourth mini holiday, this time exploring the Coast of Western Norway

First to Selje and a beautful day at the coast

Narrow roads towards towards West Cape and a great view

Fantastic weather, rather unusual with absolutely no wind at all on top of this plateau where you can see accross the North Sea

Moving on to Runde, the southernmost of the big bird islands in Norway

Still wonderful weather, warm, no wind and we had a long walk around the bird island

Then a really grey day as we were heading towards the Atlantic Road, a scenic drive from island to island. Back to camping in Molde, and the highlight of the day: huge shrimps bought at Longvafisk in Ålesund

Like any Land Rover tour we had to do a little detour, first to Trollstigen

Reaching the top and the weather changed again!

Then to Geiranger

And to Otta to meet up with friends

Before turning home again, crossing beautiful Sognefjellet

And along Sognefjorden to Hafslo (from a new angle)