Mini holiday #3 in Norway

Third mini holiday this summer, visiting friends and family across southern part of Norway

First stop at Stord with Trine & Nils Magne

Next, Tysnes and a short stop to visit family we haven’t seen for a long time!

Then a friend at Terøya

Lofthus camping

Grey, cold and rain over Hardangervidda

Family at Notodden – good company and fantastic food! And Fridtjof found two new best friends!

Svelvik, a campsite almost empty because of heavy rain before we arrived

Before and after Svelvik, yet other to visit, Nesodden and Porsgrunn

Camping in Grimstad – the only restaurant we visited this summer

Interesting! (according to Hilde, Atle isn’t quite sure..)

Hercules the 6×6 and Fridtjof the flat

Land Rover enthusiasts (the two Atles with a 6×6 in Norway) with a mission in Grimstad – and: mission accomplished!

Towards Dalen, near Telemarkskanalen

A short but scenic drive on gravel roads between Dalen and the next lake, Nisser

Sandnesodden camping for two days with friends (Fridtjof is getting the hang of resting with only a car to lean on)

Fridtjof the flat always happy in water

On the road again and a short lunch stop when driving west towards the sea

Jørpeland and more Land Rover enthusiasts (people and dogs)

Turning home, in rain and fog and low clouds

Good to be back home!