Touring Europe 2017 – return to Norway

Our last meal in Italy, we received news that meant we would have to hurry home

Had to leave our good travel buddies, Tim and Isabel

Driving non-stop home from Italy took us 20 hours from outside of Florence to entering Norway, and another 12 hours just getting across to Bergen. It was a crazy drive in the HilDefender – not a very aerodynamic car – and going in high speed on the motorway is hard work! Lost battery power and had to charge for a couple of hours in the middle of the night (thank you very much for helping us at Eidfjord Gjestgiveri!) before rushing to Bergen

This was the first time we brought a dog with us out of Norway. A great experience for us, and Gobi made his cage his safe place, enjoying to get out of the car, but also enjoying to get back in (joined by the squeaking pig)