In Italy with Illusion

Early August we were supposed to walk in the mountains for a couple of days, but bad weather forcast sent us to Italy instead!

Beautiful beaches in Cesenatico, but we had other things to do

First, checking into the hotel where Illusion were staying

Then going to Modigliana to see them dance. Here the stage is being prepared

And the Illusion dancers were just magnificent!

They even have their own singer

Well earned applause after one hour of intense work

Lots of people were watching

And lots of hugging and congratulations

Next day we visited San Marino

High up and a fantastic view

But first things first!

A glass of prosecco made us dare looking down from the high tower

We just got to visit the highest tower before the rain started – and then I mean rain!

Running back down, soaking wet, and this is San Marino in the rainy clouds as we left, heading for Venice