We left Illusion in San Marino and headed for Venice for the weekend

Hotel next to the Rialto bridge

And a room with a view

A fascinating city neither of us had visited before, where all transport is on water

With water busses leaving from easily recognizable platforms

Visiting Venice was definitely more comfortable than the planned walk in the mountains with 6 degrees and rain!

We even played proper turists!

Plenty of other tourists, making the gondol business lucrative

Not too busy streets

We will have a problem at Bryggen in Bergen when the sea level starts rising in the future, but I guess they will have a few challenges here too

Lesson of the day:
Venice is like a maze, and there’s a reason that noone else walks down certain streets: they don’t go anywhere!

We had another experience with the sudden and heavy rain in Italy, causing a slight panic among the waiters

This is the stream of water coming off our parasol shortly after the rain started!

What else to do in Venice? Eat! These are simple sandwiches for brunch