Zagora – Sahara

Heading for Sahara!

Stopping for the last cold drink

Passing through the last village before the desert

Reducing pressure and preparing for sand

And off into the sand! One and one car, in case we got stuck

But where did Graham go? We lost him (or he lost us?) – but only for a short while

The temperature was rising, but we found an oasis and some shadow for the lunch break

Watch out for camels crossing the road!

There’s not only sand in Sahara! And someone actually cleared the road.

Race on the salt lakes – have to admit that we enjoyed it!

Berber-Atle camping in the sand dunes

Playtime in the sand dunes – we all turned in to children for a while

Graham got stuck …

.. and saved our day by letting us winch him out

Cheers! Time for ice cold champagne in Sahara

Highest measured temperature of the day: 47 degrees (inside the car: 67 degrees)