Pop the champagne! New Hercules is finally ready!

New from top to toe, inside and outside, while still looking exactly like the original, except the new pop-up roof

360 of Hercules’ outside. The pop-up roof with our upstairs bed is the only substantially new feature.

Interior is mostly like the original, except some improvements that make a perfect match to our needs, and the new materials and colours. And of course, also here the pop-up roof makes a huge difference – massive head space and an upstairs bedroom – video first, then photos and details.

The bed can be folded back to give more space – the two photos show with and without the first part folded back

The pull-out toilet is also new – before there was a full toilet/shower room. Now we have a bathroom in the corridor, closed off with the door of the largest cabinet

Our new bedroom is big! Pop-up roof by Colorado Camper Van. And of course wifi and a good antenna

We have everything we need when travelling – actually, we probably have everything we need, full stop

So much space for storage with the new shelves and cupboards beautifully made by Anders at his local carpentry workshop Slinning Snikkarverkstad

Cushions for the seats were made by Stene https://bystene.no/ – perfect size, material, colour!

Door was made by NomadCampers in Germany – we picked it up last year on our way back home (good to know if you need a vet on your way back, there’s a veterinary practice next door 😀

There’s a lot of details, from safety to comfort and even an embroidery made by Elice 🙂