Start of summer holiday 2022 in the UK

Leaving Waveney Lodge for the last time, ready for summer holiday 2022!

Landy and Fridtjof had a last go at a big bone they’d had for a while, before leaving through the narrow roads and small villages, crossing England for Northampton

The Land rover show at Billing! Lots of people, nice weather, met a couple of flat-coated retrievers, and Landy is ready to join the women enthusiasts of LR Ladies

We were on the front page of the Land Rover Monthly magazine coming out the same weekend, and many people recognized the car, and some even the two dogs mentioned in the article!

Fun for everybody, in particular those enjoying getting stuck in mud! While others enjoyed the cozy camp more, and we had nice company from Norway, with Alexander and Henning

On the road again – towards Bletchley Park

Fascinating story about people and technology making a vital difference during the Second World War.

And women played a major role, as code breakers and operator of the bombs

Back on the road, heading for Dover and the ferry