Defender expedition in Sogn & Fjordane

Defender tour
We had a great weekend as tourists in our own county with Tim and Isabelle, whom we traveled with in Morocco in 2006.

First stop Ornes – Urnes stave church and the deer farm
Defender tour Ornes

Defender tour Sognefjellet

Camping in Lom
Defender roof tent
(German camper van tourist: “Ah! Praktisch!”)

Defenders don’t travel on the main road if there’s an alternative…


Going from Lom to Geiranger via Trollstigen – there’s a few mountains in Norway…

The climb up Trollstigen

Looking back down from the top

On the top

On the other side: Geiranger

Camping in Geiranger – and dinner’s almost ready
Defender roof tent

Ferry from Geiranger to Hellesylt

Overheard tourist: “Why do Norwegians even go on holiday?”

And now we could see where we came down the day before

If you want to experience a real fjord, Geirangerfjorden is a good place to start

Old farms high and low along the fjord tell a story of another time

Hellesylt – and time for our friends to continue their holiday, while we had to go home

Thanks again Isabelle and Tim for a great expedition! We’re already planning for the next expedition – hopefully to even more exotic regions 🙂