Hercules the 6×6 at Solihull’s Finest

Weekend visit to the celebration of the Range Rover’s 50th Jubilee in “Solihull’s Finest”

We started in rain and had a short stop at Aurlandsdalen Turisthytte. Finally got the “One Life, Live it” sticker up

Detour to the place “Gandrudbakken” where Atle’s family come from. Gandrudbakken is Atle’s last name, translating to “The Gandrud Hill”, so here Mr. Gandrudbakken is standing in Gandrudbakken!

Wonderful weather in Horten – might have been our last camp in summer weather this season

Also great company with friends and Land Rover people around

Great view! On the way to and lining up for the Solihull’s finest exhibition

A nice collection! And look! They even got the bonnet up!

Old and new! Even the new Defender. Fridtjof the Flat wasn’t too impressed though…

The rest of the group preparing for a rebus race going on scenic roads

And we had to return home crossing the mountain at Hemsedal