Overlanding 2019: Norway

First part of our tour this year was from Western part of Norway, heading North through Lofoten, North Cape, Grense Jacobselv on the border to Russia

Hilde & Atle in “Hercules” (the 6×6) and Isabel and Tim in “The Beast” (and the poor Hildefender in the back had to stay home this year)

This is Hercules first trip since we bought him last year, so it took a lot of extra work to make him ready. And a typical view for the first days was Atle and Tim hanging over the frontwing to check out what was going on under the bonnet

Fridtjof thought that was fine as long as he could explore a bit

We left a few days delayed, so first part was just transportation, with one camp around Berkåk, the next near Trofors, and a quick stop at the Arctic Circle Center before the “real” tour started

Lofoten was the first goal, and we arrived at Å late in the evening, and had to find a campsite along the road. Not the most charming place, but working fine for two Land Rovers and a lot of other travellers

Lofoten is just stunning. If you haven’t been there, just go!

Second camp in Lofoten was beautiful Sandvika Camping, and we could enjoy the Brewdog IPA that had travelled quite far by then

Moving on, we had our next camp at a “public wildcamp” along the road somewhere after Lofoten

We reached our second goal 7 days after leaving home: the North cape. Rain and cold weather made us take into a hotel when we arrived late in the evening

North cape!

And the very best camp so far – a wild camp not far from Ifjord, where we had a panoramic view to the midnight sun, while enjoying the biggest fresh prawns ever (found at Rema100 in Honningsvåg! Go check if you are there!). Absolutely fantastic!

This is what all this joy does to a Land Rover owner!

Highlights are many on this route, and our next was Grense Jacobselv, the border to Russia. Cold, wet, not much to see, just a place to visit…