Easter at Tyin

We had a long and very good easter at Tyin

Weather ok, lots of nice nabours in the house, and even visitors for the traditional easter lamb.
Tyin Panorama

Perfect conditions for skiing

Atle and Fenris

Hilde and Ulf

Ulf – always happy when he is out in the snow (a good choice to name him after the polar explorer Roald Amundsen : Ulf Amundsen)

Road signs for skiers giving instructions to make sure you put on the breaks in the downhill slope

Nice lunch break on one of the longer tours together with nabours

The danger of avalanches was high, and we saw a few big snowslides

Looking out above Tyin

Looking down at Tyin Panorama

And envying a scooter driving fast and high up into the mountains

Uranostinden, one of Jotunheimen’s peaks higher than 2000 meters, hiding in a cloud

Snowmobiles make great roads all the way between Tyin Panorama and Eidsbugarden/Fondsbu

If you thought that barbeque was for nice warm summerdays, think again! On Easter Eve we and most of the nabours from Tyin Panorama had a barbeque outside! (minus 10 and a bit windy)