Defender camping

The Beast and the HILDEFENDER meets again

Starting in Jostedalen, visiting the glacier

Rainy weather

Bringing back ice for G&T

Continuing down the coast, camping here and there

Looking for the odd roads where no one goes

All the way to Lindesnes – the most southern light house in Norway


Lyngdal camping and a rather normal scene in a Defender camp (no, not the dogs)

Nice and quiet camp

We had the beach more or less to ourselves (It might have had something to do with the millions of brown long-tentacled jellyfish)

A more crowded campsite (but less jellyfish!)

Time to say goodbye to Tim and Isabel and The Beast

Stopover at Notodden on the way back – where Gobi found a new passion (jumping)

Tight, but that doesn’t matter when there is exactly as much space as you need