Minus 27 degrees at Tyin

Cold and nice weather at Tyin this weekend

A typical situation travelling to Tyin this winter

(the rescue truck in the picture had saved 108 trucks in January this year!)

Friday night, when arriving at Tyin, ice crystals in the air made light fountains

Still not too busy around Tyin Panorame, despite winter holidays ..

.. so we can still immerse ourselves in our strange hobbies

Beautiful weather, but very cold

We started with two normal-looking dogs

But with minus 20-27 it didn’t take long before they looked pretty cold

The sun and walking helped a bit

And of course, for Fenris it also helped to find a group of grouse

Completely white and camouflaged now

Traces in the snow clearly shows how active the grouse have been in this area

The snowmobiles are back

Almost home again, and by now … cold