Summer ’11

We have spent most of the holiday at Hafslo

The boat has been on the water only for a couple of days, so only a little fishing from the landing stage so far

Enjoying the mild and light summer evenings

Atle is taking care of the threes in his own way….

Walking along the other side of the lake, looking back at our house

Hiking on nearby mountains, with a beautiful view to Sognefjorden

So steep it feels like you could jump straight into the fjord

And with a view all the way to Jotunheimen

We’ve only had one longer walk, to Gjendebu together with friends and family

It’s good to have a helping hand when crossing rivers

Fog – changes everything..

We saw a large herd of reindeer

On the other side of the valley, so we could watch them for a long time before they were spooked

A short stop over at Tyin

And finally visiting friends at a small island at the westcoast

A beautiful place

And perfect for having a barbecue