LR Max

Visited LR Max at Stoneleigh

They had brought out some old steam engines

We didn’t find too much that we needed/wanted this year. This bonnet is the only thing we noted for later consideration

Enthusiasts were giving a show, some of the cars stripped down for offroading

Climbing over cars ..

and other other home made challenges

with a little tense passengers..

Going backwards

and forwards

Climbing a car..


Can this end good?


Also met with our Mongolia trip friends, who took us to a car museum. This is the original Tomb Raider car!

We stayed in Kenilworth – a nice little town center

Spent a few hours at Costa, working. (Why don’t all cups have handles like this?)

On the way back home we stopped in Oxford

Guided tour to look at our academic forefathers

A tree with its own history